Frequently asked questions about EOS®

What is EOS®?

EOS® stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, developed by Gino Wickman. Gino defines EOS® as a “set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.”

By mastering this simple “way of operating,” leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and progressively improve. The EOS® system’s simple tools have been used over 10,000 times for more than fifteen years. If implemented correctly and consistently, companies will achieve more growth and profit, while delivering a better life balance to company owners and leaders.

More on EOS® on our 
What is EOS page.

Why does my business need an operating system?

Every business has an "operating system". In many small companies, the business lives or dies based on the owner’s individual ability to run everything. The owner manages all issues that come up. If you run a small company with a few employees that's ok.

Once a company grows a real operating system is needed. Doing it all yourself becomes too difficult. An effective operating system like EOS® will help you define your vision, including your core values and focus, your long term plans and goals, and your strategy. The system will most importantly determine the right people, who are in the right seats. The system will simplify your processes, determine your key metrics, create an environment where issues are addressed and solved weekly, and everyone in the organization has a strong sense of accountability towards the shared vision.

How long will Go 4 Traction be in my business to implement EOS®?

On average we'll have 12 days with EOS® sessions in two years for implementing EOS®. During this period I'll teach you the EOS® system, give you the tools you need to run the system, facilitate the sessions and help you to be accountable to your goals, your team and your priorities. 

Due to my management experience I'm sometimes also consulted for general management topics, but that's additional to the EOS® implementation.


Where can I learn more about EOS®?

That's easy just contact us to schedule a quick 15-30 minute conversation. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your business situation and how EOS® can help your business. If you decide that it makes sense to invite us into a deeper 90 Minute Meeting with your leadership team, we can schedule that right away. EOS® is not always a fit for everyone, but it doesn't hurt our feelings. We're just here to help you.

On our site you can also find a lot of information about the Entrepreneurial Operating System. We explain the basics of EOS, why you would use EOS, the EOS Model, the EOS Process and the practical tools in the EOS Toolbox. Additional to this we also have several videos about EOS and EOS books with more info. And if you have more questions, just give us a call..

Why do I need Go 4 Traction to implement EOS®?

Although you can implement EOS® yourself, there are several reasons the hire an EOS® Implementer.

EOS® is simple, but fundamentally changing the way a business operates can be hard. I combine a passion for helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams with my skills and experience to help you strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business by:

  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™

  • Facilitating clarity, alignment and resolution

  • Coaching EOS® purity, accountability and helping your leadership team become its best

An outside-in perspective is required to counteract the bias to inward focus during the change. As an external consultant I have an independent perspective to challenge your way of thinking and acting.


My external energy, objectivity, expertise and ability to help you get there faster far outweigh the perceived savings of doing it yourself.

Do you guarantee your work?

All official EOS® Implementers offer the same guarantee. One of our Core Values is “help first”, which means I provide value before receiving anything. If you do not feel you received value for our day together, then you do not pay me. It's as simple as that.

Other questions?

If your have other questions, I'm happy to help!

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